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Confirmed Bookings for 2018

The Hounslow Sports and Social Club, Hounslow ...

Saturdays 19th May, 1st September

The Cross Lances, Hounslow ...

​Saturdays February 3rd, July 28th, November 10th

The Barley Mow, Shepperton ...

Fridays 16th February, 4th May,  15th June, 3rd August, 19th October, 21st December 

Bagster House, Shepperton ...

Friday 20th April

Crawdaddy Club, Richmond ...

​Friday 23rd November

 ​           Full details of venues are in the Gig Guide                                                   (click on link below) 


Thanks to everyone who came and donated to our Bagster House gig, to David Byng's superb RnB DJing , his family, Ann Shipman and all the other helpers and organisers and Bagster staff too. Special thanks and love to Mud Morganfield (Muddy Waters Jnr) for your kind audio message from Chicago played on the night and sent to Jayden, and Jimmy Redhead, "Matchbox" drummer and Jayden's Grandad for his speech and guesting on a couple of good old rockers. 

Thanks also to our Crawdaddy friends who came from far and wide to our gig at the Barley Mow Shepperton for our second fundraiser where we donated our fee and took round the famous "Silver Top Hat" which was brought back for one night only.... Thanks to the staff and customers who gave so generously and to John the Guv'nor who augmented our total with a very generous donation of his own. Thanks to Fluff and Mick and our other friends from Brentford FC Jazz Club who gathered in people from The Cambridge Folk Festival, Eel Pie Club  and The Barnes Blues Club to swell the numbers - what a great night! 

And if you missed them, please donate on

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BAND BIOGRAPHY AND HISTORY OF CRAWDADDY          In the "More About Us" section John has added a band biography and an article on the history of the word itself, the songs about it and the historic British Crawdaddy Club. These are the first two of three articles .... more to follow on the British Blues Scene.......        

​              Crawdaddy Blues Band try to recapture the sounds and atmosphere of                                                              British Blues and R and B clubs of the 1960's. ​     They were formed in 1984 as a reunion of four Chiswick friends who first met in the  1960s,  and witnessed those early gigs  at clubs like the Crawdaddy in Richmond, Eel Pie  Island in  Twickenham  and around the West London scene. They also played  themselves  in  covers bands in West London's clubs and pubs right through the 1960's  and 1970's,

 A couple of personnel changes and more than 30 years on they are still true to the old    British R and B sound, either as a straight Blues band  or with their "party set " which  mixes blues and R and  B standards with pop covers of the bands that all started in the  clubs. Bands like the early Rolling Stones,  Yardbirds, Kinks, Animals, Them, Spencer  Davis, mid 60's Blues Boom sounds like Fleetwood Mac, Jon Mayall and Eric Clapton,        and also  just a taste of the late 60's Blues Rock of Cream, Free and Led Zeppelin ... 

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Latest NEWS

​Welcome to Crawdaddy  BLUES BAND's   website !

 British R and B Club

 sounds of the 60's    

        Since 1984​


Thanks to everyone who came and made it a great blueswailin' night at the Barley Mow Shepperton on Friday 15th June, we are back there on 3rd August , please come along and bring your friends.

Our next booking is back in our West London heartland at the Crossed Lances in Hounslow , our second of three visits this year to Adie and his friends at this traditional friendly and historic music venue. Always an appreciative and knowledgeable audience, including a sprinkling of other musicians and  enthusiasts, but also a great crowd of all ages who are just there to  have a good rockin' night out , please do come and join them for a great night of blues, r 'n' b and 60's pop and rock favourites. 


As many of you know, Crawdaddy Blues Band started when Paul and Mick re - formed our old band in 1984 to take us back to the 60’s when we played covers of the stuff we saw at clubs like the Crawdaddy, where the Stones and Yardbirds started. You can imagine how proud and excited we are that re-opened original Crawdaddy Club have booked us to play on two dates later this year. The first is a special private function for a tour party of 50 Belgian Rolling Stones fans who will be visiting the Eel Pie Island Museum and Crawdaddy Club on Monday 24th September as part of their trip to 60's Stones venues. Crawdaddy Blues Band will be providing a special 60's R and B scene evening with plenty of "early Stones". Sadly a "closed" gig but a good rehearsal for us for the big one

At last! 


Friday November 23rd. . Please put in your diary , we're giving you lots of notice because we would love all our friends and fans to be there, and bring as many of your friends as you can! Let’s make it a full house so they book us again! All together now.... "Hey Crawdaddy!......

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​​Barley Mow Shepperton

Friday 4th May 

Hounslow Sorts & Social 

Saturday 19th May