British Blues and R and B History

The Band

and Biographies

Paul Stokes, Drums, Vocals

Mick Gibson, Lead Guitar

Tony Hennessy, Bass, Vocals

John Habes, Vocals, Harmonica.

For those with time to kill who want to know everything (!) a full biography of the band and its members and some photos from 1965 - 2015 are here ....

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    Crawdaddy                   History

         History of "Crawdaddy" .     The origin of the name, the history of the song , and all about the Crawdaddy Clubs and previous "Crawdaddy" "Crawdaddies" or "Crawdad" bands.

     A short article by John Habes

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From 1916 to 2016 - the story of how Britain loved the Blues and took it back to the USA in the 1960s 
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GIG GUIDE ... 2017

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 PLEASE NOTE: "Crawdaddy Blues Band" is our registered band name in UK and USA (Details can be  found on and archived in the British Library and the U.S. Library of Congress). The word "Crawdaddy" itself  is a traditional US name for a Crayfish and as such is in the public domain.  It is not to be confused with any other current or former bands, venues, functions  or restaurants worldwide called "Crawdaddy", "Crawdaddies" "Crawdaddys" or "Crawdad" or other derivative of the word.                  Our name is derived from our local 60's club the original Crawdaddy in Richmond (West London) but we have no direct connection with the current club in Richmond or any of the other clubs, restaurants or bands of that name in Southend,  Tokyo, Dublin, the U.S.A. or anywhere else. We are not aware of any other band of that name still in existence that was founded before Crawdaddy Blues Band in 1984. 

   Future CrawdaddyBlues Band Gigs in Chronological Order:

​​​​​​Saturday, 16th September, 2017 ............................ Cross Lances, Hanworth Road, Hounslow

​Saturday 23rd September 2017 ..........................Barley Mow, Watersplash Road, Shepperton

Friday 17th November 2017 ............................... Barley Mow, Watersplash Road, Shepperton

​Saturday 16th December 2017 ........Hounslow Sports and Social Club, Grove Road, Hounslow 


Crawdaddy  BLUES BAND